The Gentleman’s Surf Club is an alternative to the overly-curated mainstream surf brands of the past.

Our HQ is Noosa… yes Noosa - the home of drop ins and line-ups so busy that the term “human-soup” was coined.

It’s the perfect breeding ground for the worlds first “surf observation” brand to emerge.

As a whole, we surfers are an odd bunch of carrots. The Gentleman’s Surf Club extends an invitation for all of us to celebrate our quirks through good banter and stellar clobber.

Every wave that blesses our shores is a miracle, and the fact that we get to rhythmically ride them on a piece of fibreglass is ridiculously good. It’s something to celebrate and not take too seriously.

So somewhere in that explains this club.

Hopefully repping our brand lightens the mood, aligns the planets, and energises cave crystals.

In doing so we can chill global warming, help the pseudo-folk-surfers crack a smile, help kook-shredders look up, help the average joe celebrate his averageness, and help true-shredders shred (well they don’t need more help, maybe it might help them slow down).

Because, honestly, we’re all blessed enough to be in the ocean together.

Stay classy.